Women's Health Blog

AMICA means 'female friend' and AMICA Organic's passion is to improve women's health. Our BLOG will have some of the most leading health practitioners giving their expert opinions about women's health and how women can take a proactive approach in many areas of their life to leading a healthy, fulfilling and happy life. The blog will recommence population in mid 2013.

AMICA organic skin care delivers the highest quality of organic ingredients with great attention to detail to ensure you enjoy the benefits of great looking skin and enjoy the experience of the beautiful and unique aromas.

Organic Skin Care Australia

AMICA Organics is the best natural skin care company in Australia. These products are all hand made fresh every week with active nutrients and the aromas are absolutely devine. AMICA Organics contains some of the highest quality anti-inflammatory and anti-aging organic ingredients great for sensitive skin like eczema, acne and aging skin. They are made using 100% Natural ingredients and with over 95% Certified Organic ingredients. Mineral Makeup is also a part of the Natural Skin Care product range.

Organic Skin Care & Beauty Products - Quality Assurance

All AMICA Organics is made with certified organic skin care ingredients grown in Australia without synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. There are absolutely no chemicals or parabens in any of the AMICA Organics products. Our certified organic raw materials which we use to create the hand made products are certified by the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) or the Organic Food Chain (OFC). AMICA Organics natural skin care products are not tested on animals and we are very proud of our ethical standards and packaging which is sustainable for the environment. If you want to buy organic skin care products online, AMICA is just who you’ve been looking for.