Organic Skin Care Australia – Cold Pressed & Exclusive

AMICA Organics is an Exclusive, Cold Pressed Organic Skin Care company based in Sydney, Australia. AMICA Organics is sought after for its high quality, therapeutic aromas and combination of certified organic essential oils.
AMICA Organic skin care products are handmade fresh every week, luxurious cold pressed using the highest quality of certified organic essential oils and raw materials, slowly made and organic nutrients are preserved with airless packaging.AMICA Organic Skin care in Australia is known to provide the best performance for anti aging and anti-inflammatory skin care results. As a result our customers are having great success with treating their acne and other sensitive skin conditions. Read our Facebook reviews and results here.

Learn more about the Story behind AMICA Organics and why we are so passionate about Organic living and making organic beauty choices.

Organic Skin Care Products

Our Organic Skin Care products at AMICA Organics are not just toxin free. We use the highest quality of essential oils for anti-aging and anti-inflammatory ingredients. We also go beyond researching and sourcing our ingredients to ensure they are high quality and certified organic. In fact, we research the combination of our certified organic essential oils to ensure they produce actionable results for your skin, body and mind and therefore, our beautiful aromas always have a purpose on your skin and for your wellbeing.

AMICA Organic Skin Care product are exclusive.
You won’t be able to find our products anywhere else on the internet. While we are not conveniently located on most websites or retail shops, we feel we can deliver a superior service and product by building direct relationship with our customers. We are obsessed with not only the quality with our organic skin care products but in educating our customers and helping them to choose the right products for their skin needs.

Natural Makeup

AMICA Organics is delivering NEW Organic & aromatherapy mineral foundation and makeup. It is an exciting time for our customers as our makeup looks gorgeous and is SOOOO healthy for your skin.  We will keep you posted when we announce our new organic skin care product range. I’m sure you will absolutely love them.