AMICA Organics was founded by Sonia Magliocchi in pursuit of a completely natural and organic based skincare range. Sonia had several unresolved systemic inflammation bouts with her lymphatic system with a trail of other hormonal symptoms for several years. Through much of her own research with both Western and Non-Western philosophies and research, the over-riding conclusion to keep Sonia’s lymphatic system concerns at bay was to get rid of all toxins entering her body. In Sonia’s pursuit for answers and to a better health and life, Sonia made a big leap to living an organic lifestyle which has made a substantial positive impact to her overall health and wellbeing.

This included many lifestyle changes including exercising regularly, eating mainly organic food, throwing out any beauty products that were not natural, incorporated relaxation and stretching such as Yoga and Pilates every day and drinking plenty of water and herbal teas to ensure she was getting rid of built up toxins in her body. She also reviewed and replaced her daily supplements with high quality recommended supplements by naturopaths. Sonia believes that inner health leads to both internal and external beauty with your body, mind and spirit.

In search of a new complete natural and organic skin care range that was rid of any and all chemicals, she became frustrated reading and researching many cosmetic labels to find a heap of dangerous and potentially toxic substances. Through her research, Sonia understood the dangers of placing even small quantities of these chemicals on our bodies every day. Sonia believes that there is a strong link to toxicity and the disruption to the female hormone system causing all sorts of holistic health issues including cancer & reproductive issues. In this process, Sonia realised how critical our skin is for maintaining optimal health and well-being, particularly for women and children.

Sonia invested her own money and time researching, testing and creating AMICA Organics.  The products were made primarily for Sonia’s personal use but when people started to take note on her improved healthy and glowing skin, Sonia received a welcoming response to continue to develop & share these products with others. From here the AMICA Organic brand was born in Sonia’s kitchen.

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