Face Toner – Organic Skin Care

Face Toner – Organic Skin Care


Face Toner and Face Mist

Face Toner, RECOVERY is a luxurious handmade organic face toner that leaves your skin feeling Cool, Hydrated, Calm and Silky smooth. The aromas of RECOVERY are devine and you will LOVE the combination of scents from hand made Neroli and French Lavender.

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Product Description

Face Toner – Organic Skin Care :

Face Toner or Facial Mist –┬áRECOVERY is a luxurious handmade light and cooling toner which can be applied through out the day for instant freshness and skin calmness. The aromas of Face Toner RECOVERY are a winner with scents hand blended from Organic Neroli and French Lavender. RECOVERY is a versatile facial and body skincare product. Some women use this as a toner, others use it as a perfume or as a body moisturiser. Organic Recovery leaves your skin feeling silky smooth with a earthy sweet aroma and does not leave any residue on your body.

Who Should Use this Product?

RECOVERY can be used by many with dry, normal or oil skin.

Directions for use:

Apply morning or night after cleansing with ALEGRIA or MANDARINO Cream Cleanser or after exfoliating your skin with RAW. Spray one to two pumps directly on your face about 30cm away from your face or spray directly into your hands and use your hands to apply on your face. Please do not spray into your eyes. Keep eyes closed when spraying.


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